OctobER 31, 2004
Baghdad. Special report.

Because of AL MAJD's outstanding attitude towards Iraqi Resistance, this Newspaper was able to get into the heart of the heroic Iraqi Resistance, to find more about its activities led by the Ba’ath Party, and to inform the public about its field developments in the confrontation with the Occupiers and their agents. AL MAJD, willing to give every help and media support to the Heroes of the Iraqi Resistance, has met with a leader of the Resistance named Abu Mu'tassim. He is a field General in the Republican Guard.
He spoke to us about the real state of affairs of the Resistance, which is about to achieve victory very soon!

After eighteen months of US Occupation,
how do appreciate the Military Resistance state of affairs in Iraq?

We are very satisfied indeed concerning the reality of the resistance and its results on the terrain. The Resistance in fact has become an every day popular state no one can ignore. We can speak about the Resistance in two terms: First in Iraqi terms: the Resistance has spread its complete control over a great number of Iraqi towns. What is happening in Fallujah, Samaraa, Qaem, Baaquba, Hawijah, Tallafar, Heet, Saqlawyia, Ramadi, Anah, Rawa, Haditha, Balad, Beiji, Bahraz, Baladruz, and other cities and towns of Iraq, confirm perfectly this reality. The Resistance also controls totally some areas in Baghdad and its suburbs such as Yusufya, Latifya, Abu Ghraib, and Mahmudya, which shows the political and the security impasse encountered by the Occupiers and their agents. Here we have to mention the widespread popular cover the Resistance enjoys in these areas and elsewhere, rendering all Iraqi resistance fighters in the confrontation moments with the enemy.

Secondly in US terms, in fact the US administration is no longer able to conceal its losses, which are growing as days pass by. Iraqis know the volume of these losses; they are always capable to increase them.

After this rapid and summary lecture of the Iraqi resistance reality, I can say that we are very confident about the future. What we planned before the Occupation is being achieved on the terrain in a good way. This shows the correct political and military Iraqi leadership long-term vision, when it planned the Resistance and started its fire.

Many of the Resistance military operations go unreported by the main media,
who do you think are responsible for that?

We must here make a distinction between the necessity to continue the  resistance actions and to announce these actions. Our mission is to find ways and means to continue strong and hurting Resistance operations, as far as the reporting to the media, it's none of our business.

I would like here to tell you something. We did take in the past, video of some of the big and strong resistance operations and gave them to a few Arab Satellite channels, but they didn't air them because of the Occupiers censorship and because of the shady connections of these medias with the US administration and its political discourse.

The Media problem concerns the political branch of the Resistance, and I think the Ba’ath Party Information and Publication Political bureau, fulfill its mission in the very best way, and participates to publish the Resistance political vision.

The fact that these Resistance military operations go unreported doesn't influence our morale, because we witness the consequences of these operations on the behavior and the attitude of the Occupying forces.

How many military operations the Resistance undertakes in a single day?

We are not crazy for numbers. No one of us has the time to count and to calculate, but I would like to stress here that the valiant heroes of the Resistance undertake their operations around the clock, day and night and on the whole surface of geographical Iraq!

We did here from the Media that these operations average a hundred in one day, I would like here to say that this number is not completely precise. In fact the number is far much higher.

Is there any military cooperation between the Iraqi Resistance factions?

I see some kind of doubt through your question! But I would like to say that what is going on the land of Iraq, as heroic Resistance, can't just be the deed of some people or few angry chaps who have no connections with each other. It is a highly and very well organized action. There is a unified military leadership, which leads the operations in the terrain in every town of Iraq. This leadership includes the best officers of the Iraqi Army, the Republican Guard, Saddam's Fidayyins,

and the Security and Intelligence services. What is happening in the Provinces of al Anbar, Diyala, Mosul, and Salah el Din, Babel and elsewhere is a bright sign of what I am telling you. The Military field leadership is directly responsible of all the Resistance factions and their Mujahideen in the area, be they Ba’athist, Islamist, or other honorable patriots, which compose the military resistant body in Iraq.

I don't divulge a secret when I tell you that there is a unified military high command, which supervises the rudder of the Resistance in all Iraq. This command includes outstandingly qualified military and intelligence people in Iraq, and with them there is a representative of the political branch of the Ba’ath Party connecting the military and the political leadership with each other.

Yes there is coordination between factions of the Resistance. It is a highly responsible, professional, and high quality coordination safeguarding the Resistance ranks from being penetrated by the enemy.

We witnessed lately a resurge of hostages taking in Iraq,
is the Resistance involved in this? And what does it for?

In the beginning we would like to confess that the Resistance is not responsible of every kidnapping in Iraq, but we do not clear ourselves from such operations. We warned many a times the Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners from cooperating with the occupation forces, because this will make them a target.

The Resistance in all its factions does confine occupier spies and collaborators. The Resistance has in this field a clear agenda. Our demands are political and military ones, which serve the interest of Iraq and its people; few of these demands were met in the past such as the withdrawal of the Philipino forces from Iraq.

Also we would like to make it clear to the public opinion that Occupation forces and their agents in Iraq take hostages to strike a blow to the image of the Resistance, they collaborate with criminal gangs for hostages taking and kidnapping.

We are confident that our people in Iraq and in the Arab land are able to distinguish between what the Resistance is doing and what is undertaken by the Occupier agents. We never undertake any action unless we have precise information, thus minimizing the errors, and if we find out that somebody has been wrongly captured, he will be freed immediately. Any way we did free in the various Resistance factions many of the hostages kidnapped by evil gangs and Occupation agents.

In this occasion we would like to ask our extended family in Jordan and in the Arab land, through AL MAJD, to avoid cooperating with the occupation forces, and to limit their cooperation only to help the Iraqi people.

Allawi's government and Occupation forces were able to neutralize
the Sadr current, taking him out of the battlefield.
How can this influence the continuation and the growing Iraqi resistance?

Our Resistance against the occupation started long before what is called the Sadr current, that is why it will not be affected by ousting this current from the battlefield, even though we regret their departure in such a humiliating way.

But let me clarify one important thing, which could be unknown to the Arab brothers. What happened between Muatqtada al Sadr and Allawi puppet government is a political deal in the first place, which has been exploited by the occupation forces to kill the personality of al Sadr and his group and those who went to sell their arms are not all Sadr followers. All of Sadr's people don't accept this agreement. Allawi's puppet government and the dishonorable parties such as the Dawa party and the group of Alhakim mobilized their elements to sell their arms in the name of Sadr group to undermine this current in the Iraqi and Arab public opinion.

This of course doesn't prevent us saying that Muqtada al Sadr and the ones who were authorized to speak in his name are a group of morons with no political awareness. They were drawn to a stinking enterprise to back the occupation, period! We do assert that there are a big proportion of the elements of this Current, which has nothing to do with this game, and they continue in this project of the Resistance, as a patriotic choice.

A year and half after the occupation, what are occupation force
and weakness points, seen through your experience?

The Resistance fighters are the masters of the Iraqi street. This is a reality well known to everyone in touch with the Iraqi affairs. I don't exaggerate if I say that the Occupations soldiers hope never to leave their fortified positions. They think that they are strong when using their jets, but these jets can't go everywhere, and with the direct confrontation we feel the cowardice in which the occupiers behave. This has become clear from the shooting at random they excel in with or without reason. As for the traitors who came with the occupiers' tanks, they also are hiding and never quit their fortified burrows.

Do you feel confident concerning the continuation of the Resistance?

Everybody must be reassured that we are able to take on the fight for long years, but the occupation will not live that long. The political and the military command have provided us with enough arms and ammunitions, which you can find all over the land of Iraq.

Have you given the Iraqi citizen a political program
concerning your vision of the future?

This is none of our business. The political program is the business of the Resistance political branch, i.e. the Ba’ath Party leadership which launched a clear political program and which covers our actions.

Those who put the Resistance objectives in doubt are the same who speak about political programs and they turn a blind eye on the Ba’ath Party program, which has been accepted by all the Resistance parties.


(Translated by AL-MOHARER team)


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