One Arab Nation with Eternal Mission
Unity, Liberty, Socialism

February 12, 2005

We salute the approaching victory and liberation !
We are greeting the soldiers of Saddam Hussein !
Dignified Iraqis !
Sons and daughters of the glorious Arab nation !
Comrades Ba’athists and resistance Mujahidins !

These days the Ba’athists live an era of heroism, they demonstrate the solidity of the basis of militancy, science and Jihad, despite the occupation and despite the plotters plotting while the leader remains in the hearts and in the conscience of the People, of the Army and of the Party.

This is the state of the resisting Iraq! This is how the fields of Jihad sparkle with thousands lights, and this is how the Iraqi intelligence creates on the grounds of voluntary and technical initiatives a defensive military base built by the Ba’ath and established by the Leader Saddam Hussein.

This year, Iraqis celebrated the year of the Science. They have chosen this year as a permanent day in the Iraqi and Arab memory, when their missiles pounded the Zionists hideouts in occupied Palestine in the greatest and eternal Battle, the Mother of all Battles. They have celebrated this day by introducing new and proper missile systems suitable for their defense and resistance efforts.

Long live the loyal Mujahidins of the Military Industries !

Iraqis celebrated the courageous strikes for the cause of Justice, when we saw the valiant and the heroes of the Republican Guards, the real masters of the terrain, those who impose their fight conditions on their enemies. In the heroic town of al Mada'in, the lions-like Guards, the Soldiers of the Leader Saddam Hussein, have fought against the puppet authority herds and the occupation army in an epic battle of fidelity and loyalty to Iraq and to the Leader, just as they were always known to Iraq and to the leader through all their past, valiant and extraordinary epics.

Long live the Republican guards; long live their courageous Combatants !

When criminal Rumsfeld secretly visited his broken down soldiers, and when he got in touch with cowardly and defeated herds of the puppet authority, he watched their timid maneuvers and heard their racket and din which frighten themselves and never the dignified Iraqis; and when the soldiers of the leader Saddam Hussein advance, they execute a real exercise on the field, their targets being the puppet authority herds and the equipment and the chopper formations of the occupying US army. The results are well known: real terrible losses and moral defeats leading those who dare face them to a certain death and rout.

Here are few facts and deeds of the Ba’athist Resistance and of the soldiers of Saddam Hussein; and here are some testimonies of the technical and the scientific examples required for the battle to free Iraq, achieved, developed and made by the Mujahidins of the science trained at the School of the Ba’ath and the School of Saddam Hussein.


Political information and press Bureau
Of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party (Iraq’s Province)
Iraq - l2 February, 2005

(Translation : Al Moharer/IRAQ COMMITTEES’ Press Office – Free reproduction with mention of origin)



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