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December 10, 2005
An important statement to the Baathist Comrades,
and to the dignified Iraqi people: 
No to the parliamentary elections! No to the candidates!

Comrades and Baathists Fighters!
Resisting Mujahidins!
Masses of the dignified Iraqi people!

Your party, “the pearl of all parties and the thorn in the enemy's eyes” as qualified by the Comrade Leader the militant Saddam Hussein, the Secretary General of the Party and the legitimate President of the Republic of Iraq, while audaciously defying and challenging as a unique Baathist stand, in front of all the world during the sessions of the court masquerade, your party, didn't declare armistice, didn't compromise and didn't back off in its national and patriotic positions and principles, including the issue of the US imperialist occupation of Iraq, its results, creations etc, and particularly what has been set by the occupier political project and its failed agendas.

Comrade Baathists, their families and their supporters!
Resisters, Mujahidins and their solid popular base!
Dignified Iraqis!

No to the parliamentary masquerade elections! No to the participation into voting! No to publicize for any candidates whoever he is and whatever he is! The one who accepts the game and present himself under any names and titles, he is a traitor indeed and he will remain so under any circumstances. There will be no support, and no vote for the one who shouts his mouth off about his old patriotic past or his Baath ex membership. There is no Iraqi patriot participating and no truly committed Baathist participating. There are no lists, no alliances; no agreements linked whatsoever with the Resisting Baath and Baathists militants.

When the Baath refuses the elections as a failed occupation political agenda, the Baath refusal is absolute and directs its militants and supporters according to the Party internal rules to strictly follow the instructions. There are no different directives and there is no parallel interpretation to that.

Those who entered the political game, are confronting the national, fighter and the Resister effort, and the one who is drawn on sectarian basis to face the sectarian racism, is a sectarian himself and racist like the other involved into the political process. There will be no sectarian entrenchment into the ranks of the Baath and its militants, cadres, supporters, their families and their friends. The Baath family doesn't vote, doesn't elect; and doesn't favor in its discussions a candidate or a list, an alliance, or an agreement etc, for all of these work, under the occupation political title, and all these are in the confrontation line facing the Baath and the Armed Iraqi resistance.


Political, Information and Publication Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party (Iraq’s Province)
Iraq - December 10’ 2005


(Translation : Abu Assur / IRAQ COMMITTEES’s Press Office)
All rights reserved – Free reproduction with mention of origin.

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