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July 15, 2006
A statement to the masses of our dignified people 
and our glorious Arab nation on the occasion 
of the thirty eighth anniversary of the great 17-30 July Revolution

Combatant Baathists!
Sons and daughters of our Mujahid People and our Glorious Arab nation !

We celebrate these days the thirty-eighth anniversary of the great 17-30th July revolution made by our dignified people and its heroic army led by the Baath Arab socialist Party to lead the Nation renaissance from a new on the blessed soil of Iraq.. Your revolution as you know was a white revolution.. not a drop of blood was shed during its achievement and has opened a bright and shining new phase in the history of Iraq for political and economical independence and to strengthen its social and cultural construction on the basis of responsible and serious patriotism and Arab Nation belonging.

The 17-30th July revolution was a scientific and a revolutionary riposte to the Naksa of June 1967. Furthermore the national, democratic and socialist construction of Iraq with all its great achievements was a decisive and an important step towards the Arab national renaissance.. Thus the revolution pure and outstanding plan of action has sealed the living link between the patriot and the national missions considering even the first as a bridge for the latter.. Yes your generous revolution has achieved radical agricultural reform in the rural areas. Your revolution has eradicated illiteracy. Science' centers, schools and universities got wider and bigger through the years to cover all the Iraq scene.

Also your Revolution set a peaceful and democratic solution for the Kurdish question on the basis of the 11th of March resolution and the self-government rule.  Moreover the revolution has issued  not only on the level of Iraq and the nation but also on the level of the world, the great and eternal historical Oil nationalization resolution on the first of June 1972 which set the foundations for an outstanding and giant development which expanded to cover all the branches of life and its fields be it agriculture, industry, commerce and services and mad Iraq truly a beacon for the new Arab renaissance.

The Revolution also gave a special care to our heroic Army and developed its armaments, its equipment and training. Its participation in October 1973 war angered the Zionist entity and its masters the US and the pigs Brit..while its resistance against the Iranian aggression through eight whole years of the scanned Arab Qadissya, irritated also the neo Safawide pagan Persians. These saw with jealousy the strength of Iraq unity and the support of all the Iraqi people with its different colors and belongings around its Revolution leadership. That is why plots and conspiring were schemed in the dark US Zionist - Safawide filthy kitchen corridors, leading to the bloodthirsty aggression against Iraq in 1991 where Iraq resisted as people, as an army and as armed forces confronting their preliminary bombing… cursed be their jargon, and which lasted 45 days and destroyed every human and material infrastructure such as factories, industrial complexes, farms, and holy shrines.

The bombings of the Fallujah markets and the Nasyria bridge and Amyria shelter are living testimonies of the bloodthirsty US and Zionists who were met by forty four missiles which pounded from Baghdad their filthy entity. Later,  treason, betrayal and conspiracy never stopped with the bloodthirsty blockade which suffocated every fields of life during some thirteen years.. and led to the death of almost two million children and human being.. Furthermore the rampaging Zionist lobby and the Zionized neocons in Washington and London didn't calm down until launching their bloodthirsty aggression on the night of 19-20  March 2003 during which and for twenty days using every kind of weapons of mass destruction and mass murder invented by their blind technology, they bombed Baghdad and every Iraqi town. They bombed the homes in the cities and the villages of Iraq. Villages north of Baghdad were leveled to the ground. We could see our Iraqi citizens wake up on the sound of bombing and to find the bodies if their beloved innocent torn to pieces and scattered in every directions and others hideous crimes. This how they started their horrible and hated occupation on the 9th of April 2003 targeting Iraq as a people, as a homeland, as a soil and as a civilization.

But the response of the Iraqi people was waiting for them. The people of al Ishrin (1920) revolution, and the May revolution 1941, the 14th July 1958 revolution, the 8th February 1963 and the 17-30 th July 1968, the people of generous sacrifices, waited for them through the national heroic resistance against the Occupation and the occupiers.

The Baathist combatants led by the leader Mujahid Saddam Hussein confronted the Occupation, and made the occupier lose his head and thought by detaining Saddam Hussein and his comrades militants he can stop the Party and the heroic Resistance Jihadi wheel. This Resistance continued to administer killer strikes and eradicating blows to the US, pigs Brit, Zionists and their dual traitors stooges and the pagan Persian neo Safawides.

No democracy lies, falsified elections, fake reconciliation calls or miserable security plans could come to their rescue and hide their nudity's incarnated by the Occupation and its feverish attempt to divide Iraq and to tear it to pieces, to mass slaughter its sons and daughters on identity, sectarian, ethnical, and racist basis, slogans and the so called federations. The widening and the extension of the armed patriotic and heroic Resistance being the only decisive and successful response against all these evil plans.

Persevering sons and daughters of our Resisting people !

Go ahead with your patriotic, honorable and heroic Resistance. Yes by God almighty you have inflicted a resounding defeat against the US and their stooges driving them even deeper in their suffocating quagmire and forcing them to look for an exit to save their hideous faces.. You hear them sometimes talk about reconciliation and the others about negotiations with some resistance factions, but they will stay blinded  and stuck in their arrogance.

Yes indeed the heroic Resistance blows and strikes will continue to expand and grow to hit them, inspired by the thirty eighth anniversary of the giant 17-30 Revolution which unified our Iraqi people with all its nationalities, its religions and its communities behind the leader Saddam Hussein (may the Lord save him from the hands of his bloodthirsty enemies) and who continues his Jihad with his heroic comrades in the Occupier's jails and confronts the sessions of the so called court – which is nothing else but a theatrical show – which become a forum used by the leader to expose the truths and show the heroism of the Comrade leader Saddam Hussein and his comrades to expose the US Occupation scandals and the Occupier's crimes and the scandalous conducts and practices of its servile stooges who want through their criminal acts to destroy the high edifices built by the giant 17-30th  revolution which inspires today the national heroic Resistance' Mujahideens and all the sons and daughters of the Iraqi people, to continue their Jihad behind the faithful Leader the deputy secretary of Iraq, until the liberation of Iraq from the Occupation' claws and the defeat of the evil occupiers and this day is not that far away.

Long live the great 17-30 July revolution !
Glory, and eternity for Iraq's and the nation's martyrs !
Victory to the heroic Resistance and to the people of the great Iraq and to our glorious Arab nation !
We are triumphing !


Political, Information and Publication Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party (Iraq’s Province)
Iraq - Mid July 2006


(Translation & Correction : Abu Assur / IRAQ COMMITTEES’s Press Office)
All rights reserved – Free reproduction with mention of origin.

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