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July 14, 2010

The Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party
One Arab Nation, with an Eternal Mission
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To every one who cares about the human rights:
The Iraqi detainees are in danger of death

Last Sunday, (July 11, 2010) the US Occupying forces have handed over the Iraqi detainees to the Maliki government which moved them to the horrifying Kadhimya prison used since the US invasion as a human slaughterhouse for tortures, murders and executions. This infamous prison lacks the minimum human life conditions including the non-existence of any healthcare and even the Red Cross is not allowed to administrate medicines to the detainees. The lives of the 26 prisoners handed over by the US and that of many others are in great danger. Our Party draws the attention of every one who cares about human rights and dignity to the following;

1. The US occupying forces addressed a letter to the Red Cross a few days ago informing them that they shall not hand over the prisoners because the Maliki's government's Justice minister told the US that his ministry is neither capable of having the prisoners or securing their known rights.

Despite that, the US moved the 26 prisoners last Sunday from their US jail. They were not allowed to take anything except the clothes they were wearing and were treated in a cruel way. So what really happened and made the US change its mind, and abandon its commitment and promises?

2. The US occupying forces have kept in their jail, only five prisoners condemned to death, which demonstrates that the US is capable of having all the prisoners because they operate jails under their jurisdiction..

3. Some of the detainees suffer from grave diseases like detainee Mr. Tariq Aziz who takes 30 different medical treatments daily given to him by the occupying forces. According to his personal medical reports, without this treatment he will be no longer able to live. Mr. Tariq Aziz was transferred to a US hospital after suffering brain damage. He then had treatment and was returned to his jail.. Now Mr. Tariq Aziz is still suffering from that brain damage and is having problems moving or talking. This is also the case of the detainee Mr. Hikmat Azzawi, who can't live without medication. Some of the prisoners suffer from cancer and require treatment to avoid death.

4. The Kadhimya prison lacks even the basic needs for human conditions. The detainees there are not allowed any medicines because this prison has been used since the US occupation and invasion for torturing and murdering everyone entering it.

5. The US occupying forces have declared many times and repeated to the Red Cross that they shall not hand over the prisoners to the so-called Iraqi government except after having guarantees from the three presidencies i.e. (the republic presidency, the prime minister presidency and the parliament presidency) to secure the prisoners and the detainees’ rights. Apparently, the above conditions did not apply in the case of the handing over decision..

6. In the light of the above, and straightforwardly, the US forces have abandoned all their commitment towards the detainees and decided to murder them slowly through handing them over to a government which carries a great hatred for the detainees, and the occupying Forces are well aware of these animosities. For this reason, the occupying forces asked the assurances of the three presidencies.

The sick detainees are being exposed to tortures and humiliations, as this is the case for the other detainees in Al Kadhimya prison. Depriving them from having their medical treatment will lead to their deaths.

The detainee Tariq Aziz is in danger of death any moment for he has not taken any medication for the last three days and needs to take 30 different treatments each day.

For this reason, our Party asserts the following.

1. The US occupation forces are responsible of the lives of all the detainees as long as there is a single US soldier left in Iraq. Considering the agreement to leave 50 thousand US soldiers in Iraq, after the withdrawal, these residual forces are sufficiently equipped to help preventing the murdering of the detainees. Handing over the detainees is nothing else but their physical liquidation and the Obama administration bears full responsibility, even more than the Maliki government.

2. The three presidencies (the republic, prime minister, and parliament), as well as each and every party or group participating in the political process, or in the parliament bear full direct responsibility for the death of any detainee and no justifications shall be accepted.

3. In case the Maliki government doesn't allow the Red Cross to immediately transmit the medical treatment to the detainees, the Red Cross is required immediately to break its silence, protest, expose the grave violations of the detainees’ rights, especially in the Kadhymia prison, and must loudly bring attention to the grave health problems Iraqi detainees suffer. The ongoing Red Cross silence and the Maliki refusal to give the detainees their medical treatment is considered as an evident breach of the duties of the Red Cross.

4. Human rights' organizations, legal organizations and groups, the political parties and the media and culture institutions inside and outside Iraq are all required to raise their voices immediately and condemn the crime of handing over the detainees and must exercise every pressure to prevent their liquidation at the hands of the Maliki government.

5. Protecting the detainees of Iraq is an Iraqi patriotic, a national Arab, and a human cause for the freedom-loving people in the world and should not be considered as the cause of a single party or a single group. Today, the law and the nation’s rights should prevail.


Iraq Ba’ath Leadership
Political, Information and Publication Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party (Iraq’s Province)
In Baghdad, triumphant and dignified Baghdad - July, 14. 2010

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(Translation & Correction : Al Moharer / IRAQ COMMITTEES’s Press Office)
All rights reserved – Free reproduction with mention of origin.

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