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September 15, 2003

Powell, in visit in Iraq, evoked the chemical attack of Halabja, on the occasion of the inauguration of a "Memorial" by the Yankee occupation forces and their Kurdish collaborators. And all over again the great organ of the Yankee propaganda lash out.  

Never as much than in this exemplary case, media lies of the western press have been  so obvious.  

Because in Halaja, war crime shamefully exploited by the western imperialists and their Kurdish feudal mercenaries, it is the Iranian army that gased the Kurdish village! And as part of a military operation, Halaja being then on the front line! It is not therefore about  “reprisals” against the civil populations. And everybody knows it.



The massacre of Halabja by chemical weapons goes back to March 1988, that is to say at the end of the Iran-Iraq war, a time when Americans, with at their head the republican president  Ronald Reagan, were engaged in full "Irangate". That means they helped and armed, in company of their Israeli accomplices, the Iranian Shiite fundamentalists.  

The truth on Halaja is indeed well known since the beginning of the 80’s. And the press to orders of the Pentagon lies knowingly.

Here what was written about this topic by the "RESEAU VOLTAIRE" : "March 16, 1988, in full Iran-Iraq war, 5 000 Kurds of the Halabja village, situated in the Iraqi Kurdistan, are killed by gases. But the only information of which we are sure is that a battle between Iran and Iraq took place in the zone of Halabja, that the two camps used the forbidden fight gases and that  the Kurdish civilians, taken between two fires, have been killed by these gases. In March 1988, the massacre of Halabja had not raised protest of the international community. At the time, it was admitted that civilians had been killed "collaterally" following a mistake of handling of the fight gases. Two years later, when the Iraq-Iran war took end and that Westerners stopped supporting Saddam Hussein, the massacre of Halabja was assigned to Iraqis".

A classified report of the "ARMY WAR COLLEGE" (USA) demonstrated, in 1990, that this ascription was little believable. The "WASHINGTON POST" of May 4, 1990 summarized it in these terms : “The Iranian affirmation of March 20 [1990] according to which most victims of Halabja have been poisoned by  cyanide has been considered like a key element [...]. We know that Iraq doesn't use cyanide gas. We have a very good knowledge of chemical agents that  Iraqis produce and use, and we know what  each one does not do”.

Lately, Stephen C. Pelletiere, political analyst for Iraq to the CIA during the Iran-Iraq war, then professor  to the "Army War College" who participated in the writing of the report, confirmed the conclusion of it. He recalled in the "NEW YORK TIMES" that "the massacre of Halabja was a war crime, committed by the Iranian army, and not a crime against  humanity committed by the Iraqi army. And, that on no account, it was  about  the deliberate murder of civil  populations”.



In his book “IRAK, LA GUERRE PERMANENTE - ENTRETIENS AVEC TAREK AZIZ”, the journalist Patrick DENAUD poses the following question to the Iraqi vice-president :

"Did you use the deadly gases against the Kurdish villages, notably in Halabja, in March 1988 ?"

“First of all, answers Tarek Aziz, gas has not been used against civilians. In documents filmed in Halabja, the number of the civil cadavers doesn't pass fingers of the hand. All it for the good and simple reason that the village was on the front against Iranians, and that civilians had evacuated it. The village was emptied of its inhabitants, for a long time. Iranians occupied it, with the help of Jalal Talabani [chief of the Patriotic union of Kurdistan]. Halabja has  been bombarded by the classic bombs, as a military site, not as a village. Those killed by Iraqis perished in the classic bombardments, no by gas”.



The choice of Powell to go to Halabja doesn't have anything  innocent, the United States having often mentioned this massacre like a “proof” that Iraq had equiped itself of massive destruction weapons. The question of these weapons has been put forward to justify the invasion of Iraq last March but, since then, no biologic, nuclear or chemical weapon, even no proof of a manufacture program, has  been found. 

Present at the ceremony at the memorial, Djalal Talabani, nicknamed “the king of mercenaries”, chief of the “Patriotic Union of Kurdistan” (PUK), whose troops are trained by Israel, had some laudatory words for the present policy of Americans : “I am proud that after so many solitude years in our fight, we have you as friends”, he said to Powell. 

Talabani yet has an important responsibility part in the Iranian war crime of Halabja, since his troops of the PUK fought to the sides of the islamic “Revolution Guards”, who used the chemical weapon in the battle for the control of the city. 

Talabani and Massoud Barzani, chief of the “Kurdish Democratic Party” (KDP), who killed each other during three decades, to the service of all the rival foreign imperialisms, are a part of the five Kurdish representatives of the Iraqi government Council, the puppet pro-American government, the Quislings of Baghdad, that counts 25 members, installed in July by the Yankee Gauleiter Bremer.

To situate Barzani, let's recall that in August 1996 he had called upon Saddam Hussein - the North of Iraq being detached from the authority of Baghdad since 1991 and being placed by Washington in a “zone of exclusion” – “to re-establish the order in Erbil and to prevent Talabani, supported by Washington… and Iran, to control all the north of Iraq” !

Only the truth is revolutionary, affirmed Lenin. Halabja recalls us the exactness of our fight for the Peoples’ Cause  and our support to the Iraqi Resistance.  


Live the Iraqi ba'athist Resistance ! 
Live free Iraq ! 
For the Peoples’ Cause, in Iraq, as in Europe : Yankee Go Home ! 

The Transnational Coordination 
of the Iraq Committees.





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