Statement from the
Arab Ba'ath Socialist
Party (of Iraq)
- MAY 20, 2004 -


One Arab Nation with Eternal Mission
Unity, Liberty, Socialism


Dignified Iraqis !

Glorious Daughters and Sons of the Arab Nation !

Ba’ath Comrades and Resistance Mujahideen !

On the basis of the principle of “Resistance and Liberation” and in accordance with the Political and Strategic Program for Armed Iraqi Resistance, the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party is struggling in the Resistance in the occupied Arab region of Iraq. The Ba’ath Party characterized and predicted the predicament that the occupation would fall into, and the way that this predicament is growing deeper and accelerating, in the course of the Party's programmatic objective analysis which is being used by the armed Iraqi Resistance as political guidance.

On the basis of its general directives, operational and strategic goals are set, as Resistance efforts and fighting activity are brought into confrontation with the occupation forces and their stooges. The Resistance activity also functions in accordance with what the Party described, characterized, and explained in the Political Program of the Resistance issued on 9 September 2003.

The Ba’ath also outlined the constituent parts of the political map in occupied Iraq as the fighting confrontation between the illegal occupation and the legitimate armed Resistance. In accordance with that, the Ba’ath will be nothing but a Resistant and fighting force as long as the occupation continues and until the liberation of Iraq and the expulsion of the occupation are achieved. The Ba’ath dealt with and deals with the occupation, its reality and its byproducts, plans, projects, and stooges by fighting them. Armed struggle has been, is, and will remain the choice of the Ba’ath, and it will remain the irreversible choice of the Party until liberation. The choice of going in reverse, as we predicted in earlier documents, is now the option facing the occupation and its stooges.

The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party presents this affirmation of its position in response to the statement made today, Friday, 23 April 2004, by the head of the crisis ridden “occupation authority” – Bremer, in a desperate attempt by him to get out of the political, military, security, administrative, and moral predicament in which he finds himself in Iraq due to the efforts of the heroic armed Resistance, which is gradually but continuously and at an accelerating rate, bringing down the imperialist American occupation plans, and breaking up their political, military and other components.

The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party will never, ever be a part of the occupations plans or forces in Iraq or outside of Iraq. The Ba’ath, in ideology and policy, its organization, leadership, and fighters, has been and remains ineradicable, a firm resistance force against the occupation, and an armed leader of the Resistance, rooted in the earth and people of Iraq. It has pledged to the Arab Nation to march on its militant path, projecting and renewing its program for liberation and renaissance, standing by its commitments to itself and the Arab Nation and to humanity to work for the downfall of the American imperialist plans in Iraq, the region, and the world.

The political information and publication Bureau
Of the Arab Ba'ath Socialist Party Iraq
April 23th 2004

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