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First Published 2003-05-27

Unknown Iraqi group of resistance claims responsibility for downing US helicopter in Fallujah.

A group of armed Iraqi resistance 'unknown before' announced Tuesday its responsibility for the attack on US troops in Fallujah, killing at least two soldiers and wounding several others.

A statement received by Middle East Online from the "General Command of Iraqi Armed Forces, Resistance and Liberation" said that "groups of special forces, Al-Faruq brigades and Baath party members staged joint operations to destroy forces of the US enemy in Fallujah."

The statement added that a US helicopter was downed killing four soldiers, and that five others were killed and 12 wounded when three armoured vehicles were destroyed.

This is the first time such a statement has been issued from the Iraqi resistance which also claimed responsibility for the attack on a US military convoy in Central Baghdad.

AL-Faruq Brigades, a military organisation of Islamic resistance in Iraq, claimed responsibility for killing a US soldier in Baghdad, said the statement, adding that the organisation cooperates with the General Command of Iraqi Armed Forces whose leader is Iraq's former vice president Taha Yasin Ramadan.


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