April, 26. 2003

The following is the full text of a letter from the Leadership of the “Iraqi Resistance and Liberation” movement to the London newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi :

How painful the present reality is when all we see are the television images ! But when one actually gets real information about what is now going on, the situation, though still bitter, is not void of the hope that the will to defy and fight against the enemies of the nation - Zionist, American, and British - will never end so long as there is one believer in God still living.

It is painful to us in the Leadership that there is a campaign to black out news about the heroic resistance that is underway in Iraq, covering up news about the lightning attacks that are aimed at bringing victory to the homeland and the Arab Nation. Meanwhile the American forces have distributed stories via the satellite television stations and in the newspapers that their dollars pay for in order to conceal from view what is really going on. This, to say nothing of the fact that Kuwaiti and Saudi funds that have also been spread around for that same purpose. We have proof about an Arab television station (located in Lebanon) whose reporter receives money from an American officer responsible for handling the journalists in the wounded city of Baghdad, as payment for the false reports that he files. Sums of money have been spent to encourage talk about the Sunnis and the Shi'a so that no one might talk about the Anglo-American occupation.

One might note a satellite television station from the United Arab Emirates whose aim is to justify the invasion by concocting stories made up of lies. American intelligence has trained agents from among the Iraqis who will talk up the need to cut the ties that bind Iraq with its Arab Nation and who keep track of anyone who defends Iraq's Arab identity.

There is no need to clarify the fact that the Leadership of the Resistance and Liberation is not an extension of the Iraqi government, whose patriotism cannot be doubted, even if we differed with it over its neglect of the serious steps that were needed to transform the country in the direction of democracy and a family-like approach.

Today, reality has become clear to President Saddam Hussein. He has discovered that those government officials who opposed democracy in Iraq were the first to flee from the battlefield, and that some of them had relations with American and British intelligence quarters for a long time during which they carried on their political work in their official posts.  (Is this discovery of any benefit now ?)

Many of them had pledged that death as martyrs rather than surrender would be the last thing that they would do. The average citizen might be excused if his confidence is shaken. But the responsible militant cannot succumb to that unless he is content with a fate of humiliation and shame.

As an addition to the already treacherous scene presented by neighboring Arab regimes, the American invasion forces have agreed with the traitor Saudi regime to allow that traitor regime to pursue dissidents who had taken refuge in Iraq. And in fact one has been so arrested. Saudi intelligence services have disguised themselves as hospital employees. But they have been warned to leave Iraq within 72 hours, after which anyone who enters the country with the invading forces will be killed, regardless of his country of citizenship, and regardless of any other considerations, other than those who work for the press. (Fox News, CNN, and all those who work for Israeli newspapers are spies. They have no relationship with journalism, and they will be dealt with on that basis.)



My Arab Brethren !

Do you know that the Syria of al-Asad handed over Iraqi officials and resistance fighters who were battling the invasion to the criminal American forces ?

Do you know that the gang of the Iraqi non-National Congress are carrying out a campaign of wholesale theft for the benefit of the Pentagon that covers anything related to Iraq's antiquities and even scientific studies that were carried out in universities ?

Do you know that more than 5,000 Iraqis have died under torture in American interrogations after the invaders entered Baghdad ?

Do you know what kind of difficulties face the resistance effort in an environment where the former regime has disappeared, while some are taking advantage of the opportunity to join up with the coming regime, even though this involves treachery and slander?

Do you know that the American invasion forces have lost until now more than 1,300 dead, that more than 27 of their men are missing, and that there are more than 3,000 of their wounded criminals ? Do you know that the British have lost 211 dead, from the beginning of the aggression until yesterday ?

Do you know that the coordinator of American intelligence, who is now in a place that we will soon be getting to, advised one of the Shiite men of religion, who entered the country after the invasion, to call the Shiites to pray in a mosque belonging to the Sunnis in the district of al-Mansour (ar-Rahman) in order to stir up disorder - something which did not, in the end, take place ?

Do you know that if a government is brought in to Iraq that is not Arab Nationalist or Islamic, it will be like a dagger against the Arab Nation ?

Do you know that traitors from the Arabian Gulf states, which are all occupied by their thieving shaykhs, are still providing food and water to the invasion forces ?

Do you know that the Iranian hypocrite regime has sent in its agents with the dream of creating sectarian disorder ?

Do you know that the little king of Jordan is carrying out a serious sabotage operation in cooperation with the Mossad to create an Iraqi side that recognizes Israel ?

Do you know that Husni Mubarak is the one who is now working in political coordination with American circles to convince the Iraqi opposition of the need to keep the invasion forces in Iraq for the longest possible period of time ?

Do you know that the talk about torture and executions by the previous administration and on the scale that it is being discussed now is false, despite the fact that the previous administration was not democratic ? This is an attempt to justify the invasion and the treason after the failure to find any weapons of mass destruction.

Do you know that the whole of the media are making no attempt to show those who reject the occupation or support the previous administration ? So now we wish to introduce you to the fact that a number of the children of our homeland of various orientations have joined the ranks of the resistance.

For your information, President Saddam Hussein was not killed. He is still alive and will deliver a message to the children of Iraq and the Arab Nation within 72 hours.

God is Greatest !

Long live Iraq !

Long live Palestine !


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