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(01 SEPT 2003)


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Dans un enregistrement sonore diffusé ce 1er septembre hier par une chaîne de télévision arabe, la télévision satellitaire libanaise LBCI, Saddam Hussein appelle les Irakiens à frapper les occupants de toutes nationalités qui se trouvent dans le pays et à « expulser l’ennemi ». Saddam Hussein y appelle ses partisans à chasser les soldats américains et poursuivre leurs actions contre les forces d'occupation pour reprendre le contrôle des biens d'Etat irakiens.

 «O héros, intensifiez les coups douloureux que vous portez avec courage contre les agresseurs étrangers d'où qu'ils viennent et de quelque nationalité qu'ils soient».

Il appelle par ailleurs les "héros" à "intensifier les coups douloureux portés avec courage contre les agresseurs étrangers d'où qu'ils viennent et quelle que soit leur nationalité" et à "assiéger les criminels empêtrés dans la collaboration avec les étrangers criminels et infidèles".

« Le sentiment de la défaite et de l'amertume peut pousser certains Irakiens à la trahison (...) au lieu de pointer leurs armes sur l'ennemi ».

« Je demande au peuple de conserver les propriétés du pays et du parti jusqu'à ce que la situation change ou de faire don de leur personne à la glorieuse résistance ».


English version : 


Several 'Saddam tapes' have now been aired by Arab media Lebanon's LBC TV has broadcast an audiotape of the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein denying any involvement in the killing of senior Shia cleric Mohammed Baqr al-Hakim.

Here are excerpts:

“Many of you might have heard the hissing of snakes, the servants of the infidel occupation invaders, who - after the killing of al-Hakim - rushed to accuse, without any evidence, those they called the supporters of Saddam Hussein of the incident. I would like to comment on this as follows:

Saddam Hussein is not the leader of a minority or a group, to whom he is affiliated or who are affiliated to him.

He is the leader of all the great Iraqi people - Arabs and Kurds; Shias and Sunnis; Muslims and non-Muslims. Saddam Hussein does not attribute this saying to himself...

The aggression and the occupation of Iraqi cities might not have happened had Saddam Hussein represented a trend or a group of supporters only.

The aggression took place because Zionism, representatives of the US and British policies and those who followed them, with evil intentions, realised the fact that Saddam Hussein and his people are one...”

'Expel the enemy'

“Therefore, the main goal decided by Saddam Hussein and his brothers in the leadership - which he announced, repeated and stressed before and during the entry of the forces of occupation and aggression into Baghdad and after that - is to expel the enemy and the occupation forces from Iraq.

Based on this, we have been calling on the people of Iraq, and we stress to them that they should not be occupied with any target or path that leads to anything other than this goal...

Those whom the US termed as a follower authority rushed to level accusations before being certain. Did they do so in order to keep the charges away from those who actually did it?

Or, did they base their accusation on the fact that the Iraqi people and all believers consider anyone who is a servant to the foreigner and under his control - in a manner that facilitates the occupation and its presence - to be not only the enemy of God and the homeland, but also the enemy of the people and the nation, and even the enemy of each one of them.

The agents who hastened to level accusations should answer the people about the details of this accusation and about the truth of what they know”.

'Aggression' fails :

“Great Iraqis, lofty women: The aggression has failed, with the help of God. The occupation planned by the criminals is now in the eye of the storm, which has been decreed by God.

This time will be their end through the will, heroic resistance, and great jihad of the Iraqis and their faithful brothers from the sons of our nation.

Glorious heroes: Strengthen your faithful and brave blows against the foreign aggressors, from wherever they come and whatever their nationalities”.



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