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September 11, 2005
The US continuous crime in Tallafar
Repeating the same style before any failed political agenda

The occupation and the puppet authority repeat their cowardly action through their criminal aggression against the city of Tallafar as a racist and sectarian attack, in an attempt to implement their failed political agenda imposed by the occupation and according to its thwarted and foiled program in resistant Iraq, where the "constitution" draft was slipped through a legislative farce to set for the "referendum farce" to be organized on the next 25th October. Accordingly, before this criminal act, and before any failed political agenda, there was a massacre against an Iraqi resistant city or town. The criminal ongoing attack against the city of Tell Afar in its unprecedented level confirms series of realities and truths:

1 – From the timing point of view, like the other past criminal attacks against Fallujah, Najaf, Sammara and many more, it comes before a political agenda imposed by the occupation despite its strategic failure in Iraq, and its political inability to count on the cowardly puppet authority.

2 – From the tools and the individual’s point of view, the occupation here repeats with "chief of government " the puppet criminal "Ushaqir" what it has repeated with the other puppet criminal "Allawi" before him. This chief of government considered as the highest authority according to the State Management Bill set by the occupier, practices his politics through massacring and killing Iraqis on sectarian and racist grounds and issues orders to aggress, attack, destroy, expel, assault and slaughter Iraqis.

3 – From the regional links point of view, this aggression constitutes, with its justifications, and its geographical location, accompanied by the ministers traitors declarations and others, as a message to back the US to put more pressures against the Syrian Arab state right now, following the International Inquiry Committee for Lebanon, to politically exploit the whole affair, to put more pressures and to activate the plans against the Syrian government.

4 – From the official Arab support for the US, point of view, this criminal aggression was announced during the visit of the Jordanian regime Prime minister" the most integrated regime with the occupation security and political plans in Iraq" and was already planned in Baghdad to confirm the model of "the joint borders security with Jordan" in opposite " of the lack of security with the joint borders with Syria"

This criminal aggression as the ones undertaken in Fallujah, Qaem, Haditha, Samarra, Tikrit, Baiji, Heet, Buhriz and others, were, are and will be of no avail to the occupation and its puppet authority. Indeed the Resistance covers all the soil of Iraq and it is as great as the people of Iraq. Tallafar operation will fasten as the other aggressions did, the collapse and the destruction of the puppet authority before the collapse of the occupation. As for the next 25th October, it will be another failed date and plan, and it will destroy the occupation and its puppet authority according to the Resistance plans to activate the non negotiable Resistance choice until the complete and utter liberation of all Iraq.


Political, Information and Publication Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party
Iraq - September 11’ 2005


Translation Al-Moharer team
All rights reserved – Free reproduction with mention of origin.

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