Statement from the
Arab Ba'ath Socialist
Party (of Iraq)
- MAY 04, 2004 -


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The Ba’ath Party and the leadership of the Resistance and Liberation have chosen not to immediately comment in the medias on the scandals of the mistreatment of the Iraqi prisoners and their assassination in the American and British Occupation jails Despite the immense and still non abating noise made mainly by American and British press, which was exploited for the American election considerations, and as an attempt to save the ugly face of “the imperialist democracy” talking about transparency and divulging the news even when it is far too late. Here we like to assert the following facts and realities.

1 - The inhumane and degrading treatment of Iraqi prisoners in the Occupation jails and which were heard of by the whole wide world and some of its examples recently seen, when the occupation invasion forces started to capture the Iraqi armed forces members and other military personnel, has widened and become systematic according to plans and regulations used in every camp and military temporary or permanent imprisonment jail.

2 - Based on the premises that the Invasion and the occupation of Iraq were based on lies and fallacious pretexts configured by the non-existent weapons of mass destruction programmes, the different leaderships and Intelligence institutions fundamental guidelines to deal with the Iraqi prisoners and detainees were oriented to a desperate attempt to snatch any information comforting the invasion and the occupation pretexts and in any way or form which could possibly lead to the objective required. In that early stage the traitors and enemy agents security gangs such as Badr militias and the thugs of the National Congress and the Movement of al Wifaq, played a participative role in the real ongoing effort known to the world later.

3 - Later when the detainees were separated according to their employment post or military rank, or whether they were Ba’athist or not, ways and means of interrogation were established based on:

* The technical and professional connection with the Iraqi military and armament industries.

* The technical and professional connection with the programmes, documents and political archives concerning the political leadership activities, meetings and discussions with a special attention to Comrade Saddam Hussein the Iraq Secretary-General of the Party and the President of the Republic.

4 - When the armed resistance started as a fundamental effort to defend Iraq through military operations until April 9th 2003, the connection with the Resistance, its leadership and everything respective to its domain, remained the Occupation forces number one objective.

5 - Thus, special interrogation means and ways were established and after approving the “uprooting the Ba’ath” bill, these interrogation methods were used with the Ba’ath comrades as to convene this bill's demands and requirements agreed upon earlier by the Occupation and the traitors, agents and thug gangs composing the “puppet Governing Council” where many cases of torture leading to death occurred and which concern especially the Muslim Ba’athist comrades of Shia branch of the Islamic faith.

6 - The above details were confirmed and documented to the Ba’ath and the Liberation and Resistance Leadership based on widespread information from within the imprisonment jails and camps from one hand and on the imprisoned comrades and detainees who fled or gained freedom and who reported to their party leadership.


The national, human and legal responsibility

The American and British occupation's highest political leadership bears full responsibility for what happened or is happening to the Iraqi prisoners and detainees in the imprisonment camps in occupied Iraq. In fact what has happened doesn't constitute isolated cases but systematic used, and approved methods. The war and occupation objectives are not separated from the still ongoing killings, destruction, looting and dismantling of the Iraqi State institutions.

The International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC bear responsibility according to its duties, keeping in mind that the committee was perfectly aware of these practices since the very beginning of the occupation.

The United Nations and its Secretary general, in person, bear the human and legal responsibility, for they have indeed legalized the occupation, and put Iraq security and its people's safety, in the hands of the occupation forces authority.

The Occupation authority in Iraq bears full responsibility for being an active catalyst agent to adopt these interrogation methods in coordination with the different occupying countries civil and military intelligence.

The Puppet Governing Council, with its parties and members bear responsibility, on a national level first and second on human and legal level, as a picked up occupation stooge and as a supporter of and exploiter from the adoption of Ba’ath uprooting bills, the disbanding of the Armed forces and the dismantling of the Iraqi State institutions.

The Occupation, its highest leadership, its forces, and its authorities on the land of occupied Iraq and the parties and members of the Puppet Governing Council are targets of the legitimate resistance and people and the combat with them goes on. They are targeted first because of their cooperation with the occupation and second because whatever the occupation produces or it has produced, including torturing, degrading and killing of Iraqi detainees.

As far as the ICRC is concerned, it has lost its credibility in Iraq and among Iraqis and in the world, so is the case of the United Nations Organizations since it imposed an unjust blockade on Iraqis fourteen years ago.


The political information and publication Bureau
Of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party Iraq
May 04, 2004

(English version from “Al Moharer”, French and Spanish versions from “PCN-NCP's Press Office”)


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