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In Iraq, the war is not finished. It is only beginning.

We are numerous everywhere in the world, and particularly in the French-speaking Space, to wish not only the end of the Yankee’s occupation in Iraq but more especially the victory of the ba'athist resistance which claims itself of Saddam Hussein and which is organised in the Movement RESISTANCE AND LIBERATION OF IRAQ.

We wish and we ardently hope for the victory of the Partisans of the Socialist and Arab Ba'ath Party, and an ignominious defeat for the Yankee regime and their local collaborators !

We know that Iraq, today in first line, is only one of the faces of the struggle of the peoples for their freedom and their dignity.

Each Yankee soldier who falls today in Iraq is a step towards the liberation of the peoples of the four continents.

A final defeat, after a sinking down in a guerilla of attrition, of the American-Zionist imperialism in Iraq will have gigantic effects on all the other fronts of fight, particularly in occupied Palestine and Europe, where the Yankee domination is shaken today.

We affirm without complex our primary, secondary and tertiary anti-Americanism.

With Che Guevara, we affirm that "imperialism has a head, the United States", and that it should be cut off ! The USA is the enemy of mankind. The re-establishment of world Peace, of the fraternity of the peoples and civilizations implies the destruction of the Yankee imperialism  and its accomplices : America Delenda Est !

The heroic ba'athist resistance in Iraq is today the direct continuation of the fight of the Vietnamese people for its liberation and unification.

To the "Vietnam Committees" of yesterday, we want to bring a continuation : the fight continues, place to the "Iraq Committees"!

The Iraq Committees are open to all those who want to support actively the ba'athist Resistance claiming itself of Saddam Hussein and to take part in the constitution of a radical anti-American force, wherever they come from, and united in a strategy of unitary Front.

Organized on a transnational basis, the "Iraq Committees" are regrouped in a "Transnational Coordination of the Iraq Committees", and in Frenchspeaking Space (Belgium, France, Quebec, French-speaking Switzerland) in a "Frenchspeaking Coordination of the Iraq Committees".

The Association of transnational solidarity "The Peoples’ Cause” (“La Cause des Peuples"), the PCN-NCP and the "International Movement for the Direct Democracy" (IMDD-RC), which took the initiative of the constitution of the "Iraq Committees", launch an international call to all those who refuse the  imperialist order of the American regime of Bush and his accomplices :


Join us !

Constitute "Iraq Committees” everywhere !

Make hear the voice of radical anti-Americanism !

Support the Resistance of Ba'athist Iraq !

Victory for the ba'athist Resistance !

Yankee go home !

Iraq, Palestine, Europe : a single fight !


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