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February 07, 2005

Cde IZZAT IBRAHIM, deputy Secretary-General of the BA'ATH PARTY (province of Iraq) – by delegation in the absence of the Comrade SADDAM HUSSEIN, hold in Americano-Zionists jails – and leader of Iraqi National Resistance, announces to the members of the Panarab Command of the Arab Socialist BA'ATH PARTY the imminence of the victory of Resistance and their request to act all over the Arab Fatherland, to give a material and moral support for the Party.

The deputy Secretary-General of the Command of Qotr of Iraq, Cde IZZAT IBRAHIM, sent a message to the members of the Panarab Command of the Arab Socialist BA'ATH PARTY (of Iraq), greeting them and announcing to them that the Party today is in the best and strongest position of fighting, Jihad, and that Resistance becomes increasingly strong, increasingly rooted and more and more present on the bathe fields. In the same way, Cde IBRAHIM AL-DOURI required the members of the Panarab Command should assume their role as a high command of the Party, telling them to take the initiative for the behaviour of a series of meetings in order to study the development of a Jihadist program and of resistance all over the great Fatherland, and to give the necessary support to the BA'ATH PARTY fighting in Iraq, materially and morally.  


In the name of God.
You were the best nation given to the world,
ordering to make the good and prohibiting the illicit one, and believing in a God.
God is genuine in his word !

Dear and worthy comrades members of the Panarab Command,

Greeting of BA'ATH, faith, Jihad, and love !

Greeting with all the men of goodwill , with believing and the children of our Party in all the provinces of our nation on the extent of its wide territory.

The Lord blesses you, strenghens you and supports your faith, increases your faith and your confidence towards the position of your and its historical capacity and missionary to raise, review itself and create. Believers who believed, should the Lord guide their faith. And those who converted, should the Lord increase their conviction in their belief, those, they count on their Lord, especially in glorious Iraq, of the history and civilization.

You know dear comrades, you who were during a long time, in the heart of the sacred battle carried by the BA'ATH, since glorious Revolution of July, 17th until the fall of BAGDAD the beloved, the worthy one, the proud one, BAGDAD of resistance and fighting, BAGDAD of courage and heroism, BAGDAD of the Arabs, of the BA'ATH of History and human civilization.

You knew it without any doubt, and well before others, that when enemies of the Nation, of its principles and values, of its history, of its present and its future, enemies of mankind and Humanity, when they realized that BA'ATH was decided by its Revolution, and with force, to carry out the project of the Nation for a civilization, of the a national rebirth, human and missionary, aiming to unify the Arabs and to make their civilization and their active role in the life of Humanity sprout out again, the “BA'ATH’s” enemies united against it. As since the ends of earth, supported by the traitors to the Nation and the Fatherland, agents, spies, mercenaries, having sold their faith and their beliefs, as well as their Fatherland and their Nation to other convictions, they were united to strike the centre of the radiation of the faith and civilization, the Nation and humanity : Iraq and its generous “BA'ATH”. They would like to extinguish the light of God with the breath coming from their mouth, their trumpets and their material forces, but God wants that this light should be and should light, in spite of the acts of the irreligious people.

For us and you dear comrades, it is the greatest honour and highest dignity, and eternal glory, of being fought by the world centre of non believers, the aggression, tyranny, of the injustice, the centres of lowness and vice, the enemies of God and humanity.

They will be covered with opprobrium if they believed they can be able to change the course of History, the standards of nature and the laws of the Very High Lord, like what had believed Pharaon, Nemrod and the emperors, and all potentates on earth, who controlled the power iniquitously. They believed, encourages by the devils they followed, that the battle was going to proceed between the two camps on the basis of the elements and material capacities only, and believing that absolute supremacy in all the soldier fields – economic, political, media and human supremacies – which were in their possession were sufficient to gain the Victory, forgetting that the weapon of the “BA'ATH” and of its large people is the spirit which God of kindness blews as Adam – Peace be on him – the spirit of Faith in the power of the strong and omnipresent Lord (who when he wants a thing to become true is made reality, is achieved, at the speed of an eye blash, God knows all, it establishes for everything its destiny).

Thus when the enemy believed to overcome by his absolute material supremacy, and that BAGDAD fell between its hands, it thought of controlling from now the things so easily and simply, accompanied by flocks of traitors, agents and spies, creating a sort of government suitable to them through which they thought to be able to control Iraq and its people ! They all should be covered with opprobrium and shame ! Suddenly the “BA'ATH” surprised them with its glorious and generous people, in all its national, patriotic and islamic forces, in the explosion of the fastest, largest and purest resistance of all the history of mankind, completely reversing calculations and the forecasts of the enemy.

Indeed dear comrades, the enemy today is dazed and sounded. He realizes of the kneader in which he's inserted to the neck. And considering its defeat and the defeat of its pawns and agents, just like many of the children of our Nation, that faith in the Lord, the Almighty, and the faith in the Fatherland and the Nation are rooted in the heart of the Iraqis since the first divine revelations and the first civilizing missions. It is by their faith that they act, move and give lessons to imperialism and Zionism. How much edifying, in the field of the capacity of the people of civilizations to release, free, acquire the Victory and to carry it over the forces of the evil, the aggression and vice.

Do know dear comrades, and the whole world will know it, that the faith of  Jihad, the faith of martyrdom, is in us and spouts out of us. It is rooted in the hearts of the Iraqis and their lines, from generations to generations, since they said : Yes we believe ! When the Almighty tells them : Am I not your creative, powerful, able of all, omnipresent, strong Lord ? They said : Yes ! You are our Lord the powerful one, the strong one, we believe in You and through You we will fight against our enemies and in You we put our trust in our ultimate step towards You.

This faith is rooted since Sumer, Akkad, from Babylon, since Assur and the mission of Abraham, the Iraqi prophets – Peace be with him ! – and since the messages of the children of the prophets Moise, Jesus, Jonas and Job, and since the eternal mission of Mahomet the Arab prophet. The eternal mission of the Arabs towards the whole world is a mission of Justice, peace, safety, freedom and release of the slavery of man, its evils and its passions.
Today we will fight them in the name of the spirit of this History, in the name of its depth, of the pride and the heroism of its great symbols : Abou Bakr, Ali, Hussein, Khalid, Saad, AL QA'qa' and Saladin.

I announce to you a happy news, dear comrades : your Party today in Iraq is in very well position and at the best of its history through historical Jihad. It's expressing itself with an incredible force and a purity without spot. It is at the same time the end and the means of the life of the Nation, through the continuity of its role of direction and vanguard of Humanity. Your Party mobilized all it had as values, principles and meaning of faith in God, the Fatherland and the Nation, reinforcing today its foundations, after the horrible earthquake that it had to face. It was able to be rebuilt at an incredible speed and to be at the height of its destiny, its value and its role in the leadership of the Nation. All this was achieved thanks to its heroic command on the ground, to its vise and courageous top executives, to its believer moudjahiddine militants who achieved on all the earth of Iraq the actions of Jihad, to defend dignity, the honour and the sacred and holy values of the Nation.

Resistance, dear comrades, carried out and directed by your great Party, in its heart and with its very first rows, increasingly strong, is more and more rooted and increasingly extended today on all the battle fields. It strikes and encircles the enemy better and better.
The Victory is close, by the will of God. There are victories only coming from the strong and wise Lord !

Concerning what occurred for the Party and what is currently occurring, it's the will of the Lord, whose aims and wisdom are to purify those who believed and to decimate the irreligious people.

It purified the children of Arabism and Islam, of Iraq of the glorious History, civilizations and the celestial missions, and again entitled them to take again the torch of their mission and to announce it with force in the heart of the men and their lives on earth. It's one of the phases of the great walk for the rebirth of the Arabs, it's a stage to renew and clarify the direction and the values of faith and virility in the hearts and the consciences of the militants and moudjahiddines carrying its mission, of its heroic soldiers, the man of proud Iraq.

I call you, dear comrades, to take again your role as a high command of the party, with a force with the heigh of crowned Jihad. And do know that the catastrophers and disasters will do nothing but increase the power, strong mind to fight, and the reborn of the revolutionary movement, so that it should continue its walk. And they will do nothing but to increase in an unlimited way its creativity and generosity.

Be reassured, comrades, about your Party and your people in Iraq. And besure of your Victory over the occupant, and of the total release of Iraq and the Nation, because the wide Moujahid people, and initially your Party, will not accept anything different from the total release of Iraq and the Nation from the occupation. Here's the choice of the “BA'ATH”, of the people, and of all its national, patriotic and islamic forces.

It's necessary that imperialism and Zionism should learn from it a lesson, which will unable them in the future to put in danger the fundamental interests of the nation and its future. It's necessary to open for our Nation a new way of freedom and peace throughout its future on earth.

We know, dear comrades, and very well, and believe that the Victory is for the believers in all places and sooner or later, and out of traditional calculations as far as the inequality of the forces on the ground is concerned. It's an intention of the Lord ! There's nothing against this truth.

The Lord committed to it for eternity when he said – blessed be his name : It's for us to give justice to grant the Victory to believers. And he said – he should be blessed : the Lord defends those who believed. He also said – praise on him : then let us grant the Victory to our disciples over the earth and to the day of the great testimony. Because it's us who believe, us who fight in the name of God. Because they are the irreligious people attackers who fight in the name of tyranny, which disavows the Lord and its messengers. He said – his name should be blessed : if you fight for God, it will grant the Victory to you and will affirm your steps. And who, on earth, fights for God better than those who face imperialism and Zionism ? We will be indeed victorious by God's will. He said – his name should be blessed : if God wants the Victory for you who thus will be able to overcome you ?

Dear comrades, if you have no possibility to hold a national conference and if you have other opinions concerning its meeting ,then there's no problem to hold it later on, if God wants it ! 
But provided that the Panarab Command of the Party assumes its great responsibility and organizes a series of meetings that will bring together the members of the Committee of connection with the members of the apparatuses of our organization in the Arab countries, to develop a campaign and Jihad all over the territory of our great Fatherland, to help and support your Moujahid Party in Iraq, which will triumph thanks to God's will.

We are proud and honoured to fight those who wanted to prevent our walk, it means America, Zionism and the traitors with the Nation, such puppet and hated governments and their mercenaries agents. This is to grant a medal of honour to any “Ba'athist” of our great Party. The great lesson to be taken out of it is the continuity of Jihad, is to fight the enemy until Victory, by God's will.

Act comrades and do not despair about the Nation's resources, because its generosity is wide. It will surprise you still after your action. Do have trust in the Lord, he's close, he exauces, he's powerful, he's able (He said : act in a good way, the Lord will see your action, as well as its prophet and the believers).

The God Lord is always right in his word.


Deputy Secretary-General, in charge of Qotr of Iraq by delegation.


Translation: Press Office of the “Iraq Committees” (Brussels) – All rights reserved – Free reproduction with mention of origin.



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