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One Arab Nation with Eternal Mission
Unity, Liberty, Socialism

July 17, 2005
Statement to the Great People of Iraq and the glorious Arab Nation
Sons of the Great Mujahid People of Iraq
Glorious Arab Nation
Comrades Baathists and intrepid Mujahidins
Hero Mujahidin, sons and daughters of our Great People !

We celebrate today the Baath Glorious revolution anniversary of the 17-30 July 1968, the revolution of the Arab National Project, the revolution of the greatest achievements, the revolution of Resistance and liberation, which sprung and went on based on its very meaning and its very term until achieving for the people, in its blessed years course, glory, dignity and civilization, and had in its very foundations the building of a national, pan Arab and unique project based on an ongoing confrontation and combat with the Global Zionism and its US arm and its monstrous occupying entity of the Arab Land of Palestine. This Confrontation has gone through many phases, which started with an Iranian deliberate aggression for eight years and aimed at stopping the revolution development wheel, followed by a US aggression backed and supported by more than thirty countries in order to get rid of the Revolution and an unfair embargo which went for twelve years aiming at destroying the moral and to kill the progress and the defying soul of the Iraqis and their leadership and which lead to the massacre of millions of the sons of our people.

When all these attempts failed, they have started the criminal direct occupation and invasion to destroy the revolution and to put an end to its national, pan Arab and human project and to replace it by a hated US Zionist project.

The Heroic Resistance against this project was ongoing throughout the years and it took shape on the ground in a military armed resistance, which saw the light from the very first day of the occupation. It was a heroic resistance, which included every one who believes in the land, in nationalism and in Islam, and truly represented the eternal renewal of the Revolution Thought. It is an inspiration for its faith in God, in the Land and in the principles, and it was the harvest of its abundant seeds. Yes indeed, this very Resistance has led the occupation forces into the death traps, and has made them lick their wounds and bleed, and it is about to bury their evil Zionist imperialistic project and the remaining of their defeated gangs as well, God willing. Every body is expecting them any moment from now, to recognize the truth; i. e. they have occupied our country, they have destroyed our national political system, they have wiped out our state and our civilization, they have confiscated the achievements of our revolution by force and through lies and shaky pretexts, which were proved to be false. These Satan adepts and their supporters are the enemies of our Homeland, people and religion. They called for and publicized these pretexts and were confused in their lies. They all will bear responsibility of this horrible crime of theirs.  And in the middle of this glorious anniversary, events, declarations and positions abound, which have become a new phenomenon in our occupied country. This phenomenon of the declarations and the positions of the US responsible and others, including the US war criminal Rumsfeld claiming the existence of negotiations between some of the armed Resistance elements and the so called a party or a gathering which adopt the armed Resistance and publicly back it. Its spokesman being (one of the stooges) an ex minister in the puppet former provisional authority, and spreading rumors also that there is negotiation with the Resistance in order to involve it into the political process.  Various Media have largely covered these events through analyses and comments.

And to shed light on the reasons, the objectives and the aims, so as the effects of such phenomenon, we say, and let the whole world know that behind this phenomenon are the wicked pundits of the White House and the Evil theoreticians of the London, Washington and Tel Aviv administrations which never stopped since the day of the birth of the blessed Revolution of July 1968 and until now to blow their poison and to sow seeds of quarrels and to trouble the patriots, the nationalists and the Islamists belonging of the Great people of Iraq, in an attempt to dismember it, to divide it and to put it into pieces on sectarian, racist, and ethnical hated bases.

When they were unable to achieve this through their dirty intelligence means, they chose the aggression, the embargo and the occupation and they confronted the heroic resistance through various liquidations, falsification and isolation tools and mixing cards. When they announced that there was a meeting between Rumsfeld and Comrade Saddam HUSSEIN, to spread rumors about some negotiations being held between representatives of the US administration and the Baath Arab Socialist Party, or rumors about some Popular Associations and movements adopting demands close to those of the Party and Resistance imposed and publicized conditions for any talks with the occupiers, these forgot on purpose and bypassed a dear and a fundamental condition to all the honest patriots who believe in Iraq and its future and respect its sacrosanct values, its symbols and even respect themselves, which is to hold on the national legitimacy and sovereignty incarnated by Comrade Mujahid Saddam HUSSEIN and the national philosophy symbol and its profound meaning as a part of the combat against the enemy and as an important tool of the confrontation with him either through an ongoing military battle or on the political or the negotiations levels.

The others have adopted important national conditions such as the liberation of detainees and the suppression of Occupation bills including the debaathification bill, the disbanding of the army and the security services, and the uprooting of the Information ministry. Etc. Unfortunately these conditions came out as a will of these parties to participate into the current political process in the shadow of the occupation and the forthcoming elections, which have been stubbornly insisted upon by the US administration and its allies to boost their hated project into violating Iraq and the looting of its wealth and to govern it in an indirect way as an entry to control the region and the world politically and economically to serve their Zionist project (the great middle East) from one hand and to assert the success achieved in what have been done in Iraq and to justify such illegal, immoral, and lawless occupation based in everything in lies as an attempt to convince a more and more uneasy US opinion about the ongoing occupation rejected by the US people absolute majority and also to stand against the US Senators and legislators call to recognize the truths of this aggression and occupation : the latest being the warning issued by the Congress to the US president to set a withdrawal agenda and to be franc with the US people about what is really going on in Iraq concerning the human and material losses in the ranks of the US army itself or the killing of civilians and the genocidal killing of towns and the violation of sacred values and the sullying of shrines and the looting of riches undertaken by the Occupations forces and their stooges, as a reaction against the growing heroic Armed Iraqi resistance in all Iraq dignified towns from the other hand. These attempts came also to rescue the stooges, the traitors and the spies in the puppet government and the parties involved in the so called ((national assembly)) from being questioned by the People whom they betrayed the greatest betrayal and from the ire of the citizens they sold, for the lowest price putting aside every honor, morality and pan Arab, National and Islamic belonging and principles... These who lied to the Homeland and to the people that they are the ones who represent its future and its well-being, those who fooled the enemy that their base was large and their position respectable in amongst the people and that the Iraqi people will move in a sign from them to welcome the invading forces and to accept their abased project. But the truth known to every body is that these traitors can't leave the so called green Zone, and if they do when only protected by the US, fearing the people ire and the Mujahidin confrontation who want to punish them. And here we must tell all the Iraqis who hold meetings and talks in the name of any party and any community according to what we hear and what we see :

That if the occupation political process succeeds through your participation into the forthcoming elections and through obtaining some of what you are looking for in deals and arrangements what ever your personal reasons are, will give, although temporarily, a legitimate cover to the treason practices and perfidious actions and the homeland betrayal and debasement of these criminal sectarian, racists and Zionist parties chiefs. In doing so, you participate with or without your knowledge into disturbing the Resistance, Jihad and Liberation national project, rendering the decisive battle with the occupiers and their collaborators and their looming defeat more difficult and longer than the carefully planned agenda decided by the Mujahidin sons and daughters of Iraq and you will make the liberation operation more delicate and the Resistance demands to obtain the people and the homeland rights more painful and more complicated.

To clarify the position as it is without beating around the bush and without ambiguity, the Baath and the Resistance leadership assert :

That any action which could hurt the Resistance and the liberation process which started to reap their glorious Jihad fruits into forcing the enemy to look for any exit for his crisis and a rescue for his certain death and a solution to his military, psychological and political rout, at what ever economical costs to silence the anti occupation voices in the US and UK and the demands of their parliaments from their respective governments to recognize their errors and their crimes in occupying Iraq, and ask them to withdraw and to submit to the Iraqis demands; this will help the occupier increase his chance against the Resistance and its noble objectives..

Instead of helping and boosting greatly its role in every means. We rightfully tell every faction, every Iraqi personality, every political party, every community and every tribe that it’s not at all an act of patriotism who ever undertakes such things, and has no right to speak in the name of Iraqis. Furthermore, who ever undertake such dangerous and terrible behavior will lose his soul, his objectives and his patriotism. The one who insists upon participating into the forthcoming elections and whatever they produce politically, anyway rejected by the Resistance and its members, and whoever he is will be belittled in the honest Iraqi Mujahidin eyes and his certain end will be fatal.

Based on this and following what we explained and in accordance with the Jihad demands, the Baath and the Resistance leadership declare absolutely rejecting any kind of negotiations with any of the puppet government representatives, or with the occupiers allied parties. These don't represent but their sick selves and they will be defeated with the certain defeat of the occupier, God willing, and there is nothing else for them but the people judgment, for they made the crime of the great treason. They know pretty well that the people judgment will be cruel and bitter and that day is not at all that far.

As for the negotiation with the US occupier, we don't have any thing to say but to assert our former and public position that any negotiation process begged by the occupier, is to accept the Resistance conditions and its political program and to answer the Homeland and people high demands made in this statement, and we declare that the only legitimate person to negotiate with is - the Comrade Mujahid Saddam HUSSEIN, the President of the Republic and that any call or any negotiation process otherwise, is considered null, illegal and will be rejected, and is an attempt to plot against the Resistance and its legitimacy, and to reduce purposely its success opportunities to succeed and that the Baath and the Resistance leadership announce and very clearly that the Baathists outside or inside the party who try to behave in a way which is not concordant with the rules and according to what has been explained and against the demands of the Resistance and Jihad process, trying to negotiate or to meet the occupation representatives or their puppet government, will be considered as an illegal party behavior against the rules and soul throwing into the occupying enemy bosom and an act against the  patriotic organizational and principal regulations and will be considered as the homeland, the people and the party treason. We call upon every body to join the resistance, each one according to his possibilities and his abilities, instead of asking or talking or attempting a cheap political involvement.

The heroic National and armed resistance is ongoing and acts continuously to develop its style and the formation of a new Jihad brigades and cells in every district, town and every village in Iraq and increase the effectiveness of these brigades and upgrade their mutual coordination in order attain a unified leadership and not only to coordinate the Jihad operations on the terrain. All Iraqis should know, so the world and the human kind, that this Resistance is Iraqi. Its objectives are noble, its path is clear, its program is well known, and its reference is the Great Mujahid People of Iraq in its national and pan Arab and Islamic regiments, and that the Arab Baath socialist Party and its heroic armed forces form its structure and backbone and its enlightened thought and the command of its groups and the field planning of its Jihad and quality and resolute operations sharing the Jihad and sacrificing the soul and every thing dearest and precious with the Iraq courageous men  known for their profound national belonging and their Islamic serious faith and that the Resistance program doesn't stop at the limits of what the others ask but its incarnated by the following:

1 - The complete withdrawal of the occupation forces from all Iraq and outside its historical borders and not only to withdraw from cities and towns as some are asking or what the rumors want us to believe.

2 - The commitment of the aggressor countries to bear responsibility for the war, the embargo and the occupation and to rebuild Iraq through a fund put at the disposition of a national government elected by the people after the liberation.

3 - To assign the Occupation countries and who stood with them to compensate Iraqis for the damages and hurt they bore materially or morally due to the embargo and to the occupation.

4 – The suppression of all the resolutions made against Iraq during the embargo and the occupation and to consider all what they have produced as null and absolutely rejected.

5 – To free all the Iraqi detainees and prisoners and first of all Comrade leader Mujahid Saddam HUSSEIN and who represents the national and sovereign legitimacy and a principal symbol for resisting the occupier.

6 – The requirement to try the stooges, the spies and the traitors those who committed the great crime of treason against the people, the homeland and the sacrosanct values, and those who encouraged the occupation and collaborated with it and helped it to execute its project to loot and to destroy the state and people institutions and to kill hundreds of thousands of innocents Iraqis.

The Iraqi Resistance has acted to develop relations on new action basis with all the political and religious organizations which believe in the armed struggle action and became convinced that the political Resistance style is of no use and will lead nowhere, after having practiced this style all along the last period of occupation, and reached the conclusion that coordinating with armed resistance organizations and forming its combat groups and getting involved into the sacred Jihad action is the only way..

Also we call upon Iraqis who got involved in the new Police and army, to join the Resistance forces or cooperate with them as a first phase and until the opportunity comes for a resistant national action. It will be a national and honor opportunity for the Iraqis who possess these values to have a role to liberate their county and to get involved into building it.

7 – Here we must assert that the heroic Resistance, while leading an armed struggle against the enemy of God, the homeland and the people, incarnated by the US and its allies and their stooges and whoever individuals or parties, movements, countries and Corporate representatives cooperating with them and all those involved into betraying the homeland, the Resistance declares it has nothing to do whatsoever with any action targeting the civilians of our people. Rather those who undertake such actions are the Occupier and its dirty mice such as the Zionists and mercenaries and elements belonging to the regional countries intelligence apparatus, etc, as a part of a plan to kill the dignified people of Iraq because of its Resistance and its rejection of the Occupation from one hand and from the other to discredit its heroic national resistance and as an attempt to isolate it from its wide popular environment and milieu, and to give you an image of a Resistance which  is foreign to you and foreign to your national endeavor to expel the occupier and his vile followers.

8 – the Resistance in its national formations and its combating regiments and its popular scope composed of different ethnics, religions and communities, is able to stop any situation of sectarian, ethnical, racist civil strife and which the occupier and his collaborators try to sow in amongst the Resistance and the People ranks. What is required from all the national forces, tribal chiefs and honest religious leaders is to confront this strange state to our people and act together with the courageous Resistance men to wipe out this abased plot. Also we call everybody to hold on to the national unity in amongst our great people and which is the only way with the armed resistance to free Iraq from the Occupation and its dubious products.

9 – To increase the Resistance effort which rejects the occupation, its stooges, and political arrangements, through truthful and serious action for a new birth of a national, pan Arab and Islamic front called for by the Baath and the Resistance and to move from the dialogue and meeting phase which have gone a long way to the stage of completing a real step towards its real birth which will provide the material, political, media, and cultural support to the armed Resistance as a base to unify the Resistance in all its formations politically, and to reach a state of a unified political discourse stated above, and adopted by all the combating factions as an effort to the liberation made of any national parties, movements, and personalities who believe in the right of Iraq to the unity and liberation and who want to play a role in leading or building Iraq. These well known demands stated by the present communiqué, are the titles, the foundation and the criterion of honor and patriotism of each Iraqi – who says I am an Honest Iraqi patriot – and it will be a permit to speak or to talk in the name of Iraq and Iraqis, and without them all pretexts, titles and claims will have no meanings.

Glorious Iraqis!
Comrades Mujahidins!

The political, national, legitimate and honest project, needs definitely a strong basis of principles and high unshakable national values, and an absolute faith of commitment to these values, to defend them, and to be prepared to give sacrifices for them and it requires also a treasure of morality and knowledge and a background of material, and moral force expressed in an armed resistance against the occupying enemy and specially in an environment of a bitter struggle like the one we are enduring right now as a nation, as a homeland and as a people against the US Zionist aggression which is after our History, our values, our morality, our wealth and future generations, and  after our very existence. That is why the political action which wants to strip our dignity, to give up our principles, and to abandon our rights and let go of our national symbols and first of these symbols the legitimacy of the Leader and the Baath in managing the struggle with the enemies during thirty five years of glorious struggle, we can say that such action has nothing to do with any national, and political behavior. Rather it represents an ethical degradation and a national defeat and destitution of any truthful belonging to the people, the nation and the sacrosanct values.


Iraq Regional Leadership
The Arab Baath Socialist Party
Iraq - July 17’ 2005


Translation Al-Moharer team / PCN-NCP’s Press Office.
All rights reserved – Free reproduction with mention of origin.

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