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One Arab Nation with Eternal Mission
Unity, Liberty, Socialism

October 17, 2005

Dignified Iraqis!
Sons and daughters of the glorious Arab nation!
Comrades Ba’athists and Resisters Mujahidins!

The most beloved Comrade the glorious leader Saddam Hussein, on the nineteenth of this month will take the stand of truth, liberty and defiance. He will stand as a militant leader, a Jihadi Resister, an Iraqi patriot, an Arab nationalist and, a progressive human being. He will represent all dignified Iraqis, freedom loving Arabs, and honorable human beings, to arraign and condemn, to try and expose the US imperialism and its Zionist, racist and official Arab defeated regimes, due to their evil plotting and their traitorous collaboration, their unfair occupation and their heinous destruction of Iraq and its state, its society and its institutions. This trial day is, but another day of the audacious and ongoing Ba’athist confrontation day, led by Comrade Saddam Hussein.

The US Occupation collapsing state of affairs in resisting Iraq, forces the only global superpower because its failed occupation, to undertake desperate actions and failed attempts to confront the Armed Iraqi resistance, which has foiled and is foiling the implementation of the Global US Imperialist project in its renewable ideology.  When it was proved, as the Ba’ath predicted, that every military or security success made by the US occupation in Iraq is nothing but short living and ephemeral and doesn't constitute any accumulative success points for the occupier strategy, and this is due to the Armed Iraqi Resistance and its surpassing strategic vision, as planned designed, conceived, launched to continue and to grow in strength and challenge, by the comrade leader the Glorious Saddam Hussein.

The Occupation decision to set on the nineteenth of this current October, the first session of the "trial" of the detained leader, the President of the Republic of Iraq and the general Commander of the Armed Forces, must be considered also as a part of this failing Occupation agenda, imposed by a growing pressures and negative factors on the Bush administration and the critical position of the US President, its puppet and frightened authority which have no role to play whatsoever, in resistant -occupied Iraq.

Great Iraqi People!
Ye Comrades of Saddam Hussein, Ba’ath militants, and Resisting Mujahidins!
O ye masses of the leader Saddam Hussein in the Nation provinces!

The illegitimate "trial" opens an outstanding Jihadi phase for the Iraqi armed Resistance. This is not an isolated action in the ongoing and current battle on the soil of Iraq, between the Ba’ath and the Resistance from one side and the occupation and its stooges from the other. This "trial" which, Comrade Saddam Hussein, will change into an Iraqi, an Arab and a battle in the name of all human beings... will inspire the heroic resistance and will strengthen even more the will of the valiant Mujahidins and harden the positions of militant Ba’athists and reinforce the hope of liberation in the souls of dignified Iraqis, root the spirit of unity and resistance in the souls of Palestinians and Arabs and enrich freedom and independence loving human beings. This trial will be a stain of dishonor, in its legal settings for it is totally illegal. It has been planned to justify the despicable occupation based on hollow pretexts and it is executed by heinous racists, stooges with historical collaboration background, and traitor puppet Arab regimes. The trial is designed on behalf of Zionism, Racism, sectarianism, separatism, backward religious circles and international free masonry lobbies. It is a trial of the Arab and the human history of Iraq. It is a trial of the national unity and sovereignty. It is a trial of the nationalization of the Iraq oil riches. It is a trial of the patriotic scientific and industrial basis. It is a trial of the Iraqi Armed forces for their well known patriotic, and national stands and their historical military victories and achievements. And it is a trial of the positive neutral position and the political independence. It is a trial arranged by occupiers and stooges. It is the trial of the Armed Iraqi Resistance and its legitimate Jihad for liberation.

Militant Ba’athists and Mujahidins!
O ye valiant Iraqi Armed forces in the Jihad and in Resistance battalions!
O ye heroic Saddam Fedayeens!

Comrade Saddam Hussein the President of the Republic and the Commander in chief of the Armed forces will endure this battle phase as you knew, witnessed, and experienced him always. And you too, you heroes, you will endure this battle in your combat positions, and through your active formations, and under the Jihad leadership and its well known names, according to the non negotiable armed resistance choice until the utter liberation of all historic Iraq. Indeed when the most beloved leader will appear publicly during the trial, he will be in amongst you in his free conscience and his immense heart, his very refined and alert senses as he always does. Yes, he will combat and defy the occupation and the filthy traitors of Iraq because you know how resolute he is, and he does know your steadfastness! You know his defying and he knows yours! You know his Jihad and he does know yours, and this exactly what frightens the occupation and renders it even more stuck in its desperation, and this exactly what will destroy the occupation and exhaust even faster its traitor puppet authority.


Hail the leader when he will publicly appear through killer bullets and death projectiles gushing to attain their legitimate targets and to hit the occupation soldiers, its equipment's, its vehicles and its bases; and which will hit also the puppet authority mercenary army, its symbols, and its filthy traitors individuals. Yes!  Salute the leader through proclaiming him and the Ba’ath, the Army, the Resistance, Iraq, Palestine, and the Arab nation. Remember the Martyrs and glorify martyrdom! Remember and be sure that millions of Arabs will proclaim at the same time with you and like you, the leader, Iraq, the Resistance, the Ba’ath, Palestine, and the Arab nation.

You Iraqis and you Arabs!

There will be not a single political or security achievement for the occupation ant its puppet authority, in the setting of this trial. They will attain none of their objective of compromise with the Resistance, the Ba’ath combatants, and the Jihad of the Iraqis, exchanging whatsoever with the most beloved leader Saddam Hussein. Yes, indeed! Saddam Hussein did make them understand since he led the historic ongoing and open confrontation in its different phases, that there is no compromise upon the principles, there is no agreements and no negotiations with the occupation and the aggression, there will be no giving up of the Nation rights in Palestine, there will be no dealing or an agreement with the filthy traitors. There will be no negotiation upon the sovereignty, the Unity and the Arab identity of Iraq.


Political, Information and Publication Bureau
The Arab Baath Socialist Party (Iraq’s Province)
Iraq - October 17’ 2005


(Translation : Abu Assur / IRAQ COMMITTEES’s Press Office)
All rights reserved – Free reproduction with mention of origin.

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