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The Ba'ath Party (region of Iraq), in clandestinity, is the leading force of  the Iraqi military Resistance, that it planned as of before the American-Zionist invasion, and organized and framed since April 2003. Its direction, reorganized since its clandestine Congress of June 2004 (*), has just held one second Conference of its external organization  the late week, where various operational questions were discussed and "the opening of diplomatic contacts" with the whole of the Arab World. 

The development of diplomatic initiatives and contacts with the rest of the Arab world is indicative of a strong Organization confidant and trustful in the future. The Ba'ath knows that it is the leading force which imposes its agenda in Iraq and the only interlocutor with which the American occupant will have to negotiate its departure of Iraq. Since now, only the French governement, by the voice of minister Michel Barnier, has evocated this evidence.

To the exit of this conference, our Comrade Izzat Ibrahim Al-Doury, leader of the Ba'ath Party in the clandestinity and supreme leader of the military Resistance, has launch  a Call to the ba' athists militants and to the Iraqis – issued in Arabic this 28 January in the daily newspaper "Al-Quds Al-Arabi" –, "inviting them to accentuate their attacks against the American occupation". In his message addressed precisely to the executives of the Ba'ath party, Izzat Ibrahim Al-Doury written what follows: "I invite you, my brothers, to fill your role of command, in a way in conformity with the needs of the holy djihad. Be sure that the pressures do nothing but sharpen the movements of liberation and accentuate their force and their determination to fulfill their mission and to continue the fight… Be reassured on the future of the Ba'ath and of Iraq, believe in the victory and the liberation which could not delay… The heroic Iraqi people, and at its head the Ba'ath party, do not accept anything less than the liberation of Iraq. It is the choice of the people in all its nationalist and islamist wings … "

(*) This Congress aimed at reorganizing the Ba'ath after the arrest of President Saddam Hussein and many leaders of the Resistance. It appointed as leader of the Party and of the military Resistance Izzat Ibrahim Al-Doury, number 2 of the legitimate Iraqi Government, with the title of Deputy Secretary-regional of the Party. Saddam Hussein, to which the Congress reaffirmed its fidelity, remaining the regional Secretary in title. 

Translation: Press Office of the "Iraq Committees" (Brussels) – All rights reserved – Free reproduction with mention of origin.


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