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Iraqi President Saddam HUSSEIN stated that he would go up to the gallows as a “martyr”. In a letter to the Iraqi people, he invited the Iraqi people to remain united “vis-a-vis its enemies”: “I sacrifice myself. The enemies of your country, the invaders and the Persians found a barrier in the unity between you and those who run you. This is why they try to sow the hatred between you” (in reference to the American occupying army and Iranian Fascism which is its accomplice in Iraq). 

Giving his infamous torturers and their Yankee Masters a masterly lesson of dignity, the Raïs invites the Iraqis not to hate the invaders of their country: “hatred does not make it possible to be right; it makes blind and closes the doors of the thought. I also ask you not to hate the nationals of the countries which attacked us and which separated the people from their rulers.

Because the true motivation of the “legal” assassination of the legitimate President of Iraq is to precipitate in its turn the national Resistance, with ba'athist direction, in the civil war which bloodstains Iraq, wanted and maintained by the Party of the foreigner, that of Washington, Tel-Aviv and of Teheran, linked in  their will to dismember Iraq.

There are indeed today in Iraq two completely distinct phenomena that the Western media voluntarily exercise their wits in order to confuse them. On the one hand a multitude of sectarian groups (of which that of the pseudo “patriot” Sadr, who took directly part in the assassination of the Raïs), as Ba'ath calls them with accuracy, which made themselves a bloody civil war, while leaving quite quiet, beyond some boastings, the Yankee invader. On the other hand, there is a national Resistance, directed by the underground Party Ba'ath and whose Head is the former vice-president Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, today successor of the President-Combatant and First Martyr of the Iraqi Resistance Saddam HUSSEIN, who fights heroically for the liberation and  the unity of Iraq. 

Vis-a-vis its feeble torturers, dignity, courage and force  were only on the side of the Iraqi President.

It will be also underlined that the “Iraqi” servants of  Iranian clerical Fascism, sectators of a retrograde and liberticide Islam, did not hesitate to violate one of its traditions, the most sacred, by executing the Raïs the day when Aïd began. 

The History already judged. In their vast imperialist project of domination of the “New Middle East” and world, the neo-conservative ideologists of the White House affirmed that their “way started in Baghdad”.  Three years later, the war of Iraq, which is not finished and never ceased, is the mortal crushing argument given to the American power. Their way stopped in Iraq. Tomorrow, the people of the world in love with freedom will greet with recognition him who, by planning and by providing the foundations of Iraqi Resistance well  before the American-Zionist invasion, was the architect of the Yankee defeat. 

We are also anxious to denounce here the feebleness of the French government and singularly of President Chirac,  who formerly said he was “the friend” of the Raïs, leader of a ba' athist Iraq in which many then saw, with relevance, an “Arab Gaullism”. Gaullism is really dead! 

The militants of Ba'ath, during six decades of fights, were never miserly of their blood.  Saddam HUSSEIN takes today to an eminent place in a long glorious troop of heroes and martyrs. We who always supported his right combat are proud to have followed him today.  




Iraq Committees,
International Committee to Defend the President Saddam HUSSEIN,
& European Political Board of PCN-NCP.


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