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MAY 7, 2003)


The letter, which is printed in Al-Quds al-Arabi, is dated 7 May. The paper published an earlier letter, also attributed to Saddam Hussein, on 30 April, which called on Iraqis to rise up against the US-led coalition. The letter, dated 7 May and sent by fax to the Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, bitterly attacks the US and Britain, but also pours scorn on Iraq's neighbours.
The newspaper, which published a similar message dated 28 April - Saddam Hussein's birthday - said it believed he had written and signed it.

The latest letter is entitled:



From Saddam Hussein, to the great people of Iraq...

Come to jihad... Come to jihad... Come to jihad... Your brothers' jihad has started to inflict successive daily losses on the criminal American and British enemy... hold fast, all together... and be not divided among yourselves...

I say that the American and British invaders have plundered the antiquities and your oil from your wealth and even plundered from the banks amounts of money that exceed by far what they are declaring.

Let everyone know that your banks were full of money from various currencies that belonged to depositors and the state. The invaders plundered them just as they will plunder your oil and wealth. There is nothing new in Bush and Blair being thieves, for they are killers.

I do not reveal a secret now when I say that had the money spent by the countries surrounding Iraq since 1968 till now on inflicting damage on Iraq because of its honourable pan-Arab stands and on preventing its renaissance been spent on liberating and rebuilding Palestine, then this would have been done and would have even been enough to liberate all the occupied Arab territories from Israel and others.

While the Syrian regime embraced oppositionists who are traitors and allowed them to make contact with the CIA and Britain, it did not allow resisters to stay for a few days.

The Jordanian regime, which has been advocating the Zionist plan after signing the Wadi Arabah shame and crime [Jordan's peace treaty with Israel in 1994], did the same thing. As to the Saudi regime that allowed the invaders to desecrate the land of the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of God be with him), it alone spent against the pan-Arabist and Muslim Iraq beyond imagination so as to serve the Zionist enemy and the United States ...

As to the dissolute, lying, and treacherous Kuwaiti regime that has sold its honour and land, we tell them they are Alqamists against the nation [reference to Alqam, a Shia who helped Mongol invader Hulagu Khan enter Baghdad in 13th Century].

The ruling faction in Iran practised hypocrisy and conspired against the Arabs and Islam with all the malevolence it has. It embraced the spies of the United States against Iraq and helped the blockade of Iraq. Moreover, they are the only beneficiaries from what is happening.

Turkey, like the Al Saud cowards and traitors, allowed US and British aircraft to kill your brothers and your country's sons for years.


O great people of Iraq: The beliefs and facts about personalities and events would change if we were to disclose many of the secrets. But the fact now that should be acted upon is to resist, expel, and crush the occupation...

As to Iraqis abroad, I ask them to help their brothers immediately and advise them. Encourage them to resist the occupation. Anyone capable of helping his brother, then let him do so. All of you protect the homeland and all of you take up the resistance.

Do not, do not, do not let them seize your oil and wealth. Resist, resist, resist, and boycott the occupier and his aides. This is a religious and national duty...

We fought like men and with honour, dignity, and pride. We will not be defeated as long as faith in God remains in us, the jihad our option, and the resistance our reply...

I call on you, the sons of Iraq, to make the mosques the centres for resistance and for coming to the aid of religion, Islam, and the homeland and to make the enemy feel that you hate him by word and deed...

God is Great. Let the accursed be cursed.

The second handwritten letter, after the written and voice ones.


Saddam Hussein,
6 Rabi al-Awwal 1424 Hegira, 7 May 2003. 


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