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One Arab Nation with Eternal Mission
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January 6, 2005
Masses of our glorious Arab nation,
Ba’athists militants in Iraq of the resistance and the release,
Militant comrades from all over the Arab Fatherland,

This year, we celebrate the 84th anniversary of the foundation of the heroic Iraqi army, whereas it is writing one of the greatest glorious events of the heroism and the sacrifice of all its glorious history. It is, for the Arab Nation and all humanity, an extremely rare example of heroism and great professionalism for the safeguard of the dignity and the independence of Iraq.

Today, Iraq is living one of the greatest revolutions of liberation of the history of mankind. The heroes of the Iraqi armed forces, with their Army, their Republican Guard (special and general units) and their intelligence services, are the mother source and the most valuable elements of the armed, national, panarabe and Islamic resistance against the American and Zionist occupation of Iraq. Although its officers and its soldiers constituting its fundamental force belong especially to Ba’athist Resistance, the other brigades of resistance are made of and work with graded officers from the Army, from military Guard and Intelligence, and use their exceptional military skills to plan and carry out military operations, and especially to train million of Iraqis for the conduct of an urban war.


They were covered with opprobrium, those enemies of Iraq and the Arab Nation, those  people who shouted so much, supposely claiming the Iraqi forces did not fight the invaders. To glorious fights and of exceptional heroism achieved by the officers and the soldiers of the Armed Forces in the first stage with the war, while starting with the combat of Oum Kasr to finish in the battles of the Saddam International Airport, it is necessary to add the second stage, which is that of the Popular War of Liberation, undertaken by the Armed Forces deployed in clandestinity the day of the invasion of Baghdad on April, 9, 2003, according to a decision of the political command, because of the severe losses undergone in human resources and materials.

Two days only after the invasion of Baghdad, supported by the “Army of Al-Qods”, some Fidayyins de Saddam, some fighters of the Ba’ath and Mujahidins, the Armed Iraqi Forces started to launch a Popular War of Liberation, under the directives and the command of the Secretary-general of the party, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and President of the Republic, the comrade Moujahid Saddam Hussein - that good God delivers him from his enemies jail. Twenty month after the beginning of the Popular War of Liberation, all Arab citizens and all Muslims can be proud of the Iraqi resistance, in which the Armed Forces make the spinal cord, and which led the most powerful of the empires of the history, the most ruthless and savage one, at the stage of the collapse and disintegration. Indeed the armed revolution has spread in a vertical and horizontal way in all the gouvernorats of Iraq, and from tens of cities were liberated, while the forces of enemy cannot hold there the ground any more. Today are used in the battle the heavy weapons of the Iraqi Army, such as strategic missiles. The Battle of Falloudja is an extraordinary example of the capacities of our people in Iraq and of its Armed Forces.

Today, whereas the US occupant undergoes losses and is at a dead it ever faced even during the war of Vietnam, and while the hour of the clear Victory is nearer, the Iraqi People, the Arab nation and the World know everyday better the importance and capacity of action of the Iraqi Armed Forces. They discover their mission of safeguarding the Honour of the fatherland and of the Arab weapons, by inflicting each time bigger setbacks to the most powerful army of the World, and this in spite of its absolute superiority, pushing the American planetary imperialistic project at the edge of collapse and  bankruptcy.

Comrades, Children of our glorious nation,

The Iraqi people, all the masses of the Arab Nation, all the men and women of honour in the World, look with a proud and satisfied eye the persevering and courageous Army of Iraq, whereas their hopes and confidence in the victory become increasingly stronger, seeing in front of their own eyes the fall of the plot of the dismenteling of Iraq, which started with the dissolution of the Iraqi army. Today the Iraqi heroic army reorganize its ranks, adapt itself to the requirements of the Popular War of Liberation and became the Great Master of the fields of confrontation from Mossoul to Bassorah.

The plot of the dismenteling of Iraq had started with the dissolution of the Iraqi Army, because it is the guarant of the safeguard of the national entity of Iraq. However this plot failed when it faced the solidity and the unit of the Iraqi Army, which not only safeguarded the honor of Iraq and its capacity to dissuade the enemies, but it also showed and in a bright way to all the masses from the Arab Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean, it is possible to resist against the American and Zionist invaders and that the defeat of the USA is at hand when a national command exists and when decisions of armed confrontations are made to carry out the People's War. Moreover, the Iraqi Army is proud to have encouraged the spirit of fight and resistance against US hegemony in the World, and this is in Europe, in Russia and in China.

Be rewarded the General Commander of the Iraqi armed forces and its builder the Marshal Saddam Hussein - God delivers him from the hands of his enemies !

Be rewarded the army of martyrdom and the victory in the anniversary of its foundation !

Be rewarded the souls and memories of the martyrs of the Iraqi Army in the eternal decisive battle !

Respectful greetings to the military office of the Ba’ath Party in Iraq which is writing historical pages of heroism !

Long life to the Iraqi army which is becoming increasingly stronger and which extending more and more its operations and influence, and is preparing itself to bring back freedom and sovereignty to Iraq !

Long life to Palestine, free and Arabic since the river to the sea !


Panarab Command 
Of the Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party (Iraq’s Province)
January 6, 2005

(Translation : IRAQ COMMITTEES’s Press Office)


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