Political communiquE
from Unified Council
for the Iraqi Resistance

- APRIL 5, 2004 -


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O' you proud sons of Iraq,

O' you Arabs of honor,

O' you freedom lovers all around the world

In these days, a year will have gone by, since the British-US led aggression launched by Bush-Blair on behalf of Zionism against Iraq, the Land of the two rivers, the cradle of civilization and the center of glory and splendid history. Having lost all their pretexts to justify their aggression and to impose the logic of occupation, we see today these gangsters and thugs, loosing their minds in front of the mounting heroic resistance and the valiant attacks. You hear their leaders and their civil governor who have nothing else to announce to Iraqis but that more dark days are awaiting them. Yes God willing, there will be darker days for the invaders and aggressors. By the Grace of the almighty God and the will of our people, let the year 2004 be the year of complete liberation. 

Ten months ago the National Council for the Iraqi Resistance was born, it included battalions of Mujahideen from the Baath militants, men of the armed forces, and heroes of the national security apparatus and with them, in a complete solidarity, tens of thousands of Iraqis patriots who refuse the occupation and humiliation. The noble Sheikhs of tribes, the religious Mujahideen and scores of Islamic forces have joined this courageous resistance, in order to form an organizational framework to conduct operations and to coordinate the resistance programmes and actions according to the development of the military situation and the political environment. In order to make things clear, the Unified National Council for the Iraqi Resistance, UNCIR announces its' political programme to all the Iraqis and all Arabs of honor. It calls upon those Iraqis who erred and faulted by serving the occupation in any way to think twice about what they are doing and to immediately change this non-honorable attitude, and return to the bosom of the Resistance. May God forgive them for what they have done in the past. 

On this occasion, we like to assert the following:

1) An absolute global rejection of the occupation, its tools, its agents and whatever emanates out of it, such as structures, titles, and treacherous committees serving the invaders and betraying the people. We call upon everyone including the members of the Governing Council to repent at once and to distance themselves from this fire that will consume them soon, and to consider all its decisions and recommendations null because what has been built on a false base is false.

2) The continuity of the Resistance in all its armed forms, and the mobilization of masses through demonstrations and protests, boycott of the occupation and all its structures, through every possible means until the departing of the last soldier from Iraq, and we will never accept anything less than that. Let everyone know that he who resists and who takes upon himself the duty to resist the invaders and chase them to liberate Iraq, he is the one capable of directing Iraq and rebuilding it, and there will be no room inside Iraq for traitors, thugs or mercenaries.

3) Immediately after the departure of the invaders, and the liberation of Iraq, we call to the return of the State in all its sovereign national and organizational institutions and the return of the Army as a unified national institution as it existed before April 9th 2003.

4) The National Council will announce, at the right time, the constitution of a new National Union Transitional Government for two years. The transitional government will assume the role of sovereignty and representation of Iraq. It will accomplish the urgent national task of healing the wounds and to helping those who suffered among the people. It will be in charge of reconstructing the State managing structures and its vital services including the following national missions:

a) To organize, in two years time, new elections for the new national council supervised by the Arab League and international observers and respected international organizations concerned with democratic Processes.

b) To create an Advisory Council of 150 members known for their wisdom and honesty chosen from loyal Iraqis, those who did not maculate their hands with the invaders, to be considered as the Council of Wise men and providing advice and expressing views to the transitional government and participating with the Ministers Council to prepare a permanent Constitution for the country, which will contain all of the countrymen fundamental rights, thus safeguarding the unity of Iraq and its Arabic identity. This Constitution will be proposed via a popular referendum 18 months after the departure of the invaders.

The Advisory Council and the Transitional Government will immediately act to abolish all emergency laws and decisions that were issued before.

c) After signing the permanent Constitution, the nationally elected Assembly meets the Advisory Council to elect the President of the Republic and his Vice-President for 5 years. The name of the President will be exposed to the people for a general Referendum, in which the candidate must obtain 60% of the votes in this election.

d) To establish political freedoms according to a specific law allowing the freedom of creating political parties, associations and civil society organizations, and the creation of newspapers and to establish freedom of the press taking into account the patriotic criteria, the 'good man in the good place' policy with loyalty as a base to procure employment in the civil services and to impose the notion of the State of the Law, the respect of the political system and the institutions. 

e) To create High Council for Human Rights which will include personalities known for their rectitude and national loyalty. This Council will enjoy large powers to investigate and bring to accountability those who don't respect the Human Right of the Iraqis, or their dignity. The Council will report its resolutions and recommendations directly to the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the National Assembly, so as to act in the spirit of unity and to reject the ugly politics based on confessional background and sustain the principal of equality in front of the law.

f) To develop the law of autonomy for Iraqi Kurdistan, to guarantee the national and cultural rights of the Kurdish area inside the frame of a unified Iraq, its sovereignty, and discuss these matters in the spirit of dialogue and openness with the Kurdish forces, standing on the unalterable bases of the flag, sovereignty, foreign affairs and the national security of Iraq.

Finally, the Unified National Council for the Iraqi Resistance salute, with great pride and honor, the sacrifices of the glorious martyrs of Iraq, and also greet and salute all the hostages and detainees, imprisoned in the occupation jails.... and God willing the day of victory is coming so on as God has promised that the few shall vanquish a multitude, God willing.

The Political Branch
from The National Unified Council for the Iraqi Resistance UNCIR


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